Hero Kid Saves Pal From Perishing in Icy Pond

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A California boy is being hailed as a hero after saving the life of a young friend who fell through the ice and into a man-made pond.

Victor Flores, 9, and seven-year-old friend Aiden were playing near the pond on property owned by Victor's grandfather in Pioneer, Calif. last week when Aiden decided to walk out on the ice. News 10 reports that Victor warned the little boy not to walk on the pond. "I told him not to do it," Flores tells News 10. "But he kept saying come on, it's okay."

Aiden plunged through the ice and into the freezing water. When Victor tried to pull his friend from the pond, he, too, slipped and fell in. But Victor kept his head despite his own distress and managed to help himself -- and his struggling pal -- back to shore.

"He was screaming my name and trying to pull me under so he could stand on me," Victor tells News 10. "I grabbed onto a crack at the edge and pulled myself out. Then I ran and got a pole to pull him out. But Aiden was having a hard time holding on and kept slipping off."

Victor's grandmother heard the commotion and rushed to the pond, where she helped get Aiden out of the water. Rescue workers credit Victor with the two boys' survival.

"When we arrived Aiden was very, very cold and in shock from being in the cold water," CalFire Capt. Mark Chatterton tells the station. "They could have both drowned. In my mind he was the true hero of this incident. We just came in and took over the efforts that he started."

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