Rival High Schools in YouTube Battle

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Two Washington State high schools are engaging in a battle. This battle is not on the football field or in the classroom. This battle is on YouTube.

The schools are Shorecrest and Shorewood High Schools, both located in Shoreline, WA, and the weapon of the choice is the single take, lip dub video. (Single take means that the video was shot in one continuous take. Lip dub is similar to what used to be called lip-syncing.)

According to local news station King 5 News, the battle began in November with Shorecrest's lip dub of the Outkast hit, "Hey Ya!"

Then longtime rival Shorewood High responded with a lip dub set to Hall and Oates' "You Make My Dreams Come True." But they did it backwards. Check it out:

Both videos have attracted attention, with tens of thousands of views on YouTube. And none other than Ashton Kutcher tweeted the following about the Shorewood video: I wish youtube existed when I was in High School. I still probably wouldn't have done anything this cool any way.

For now it appears that Shorewood has the edge based on the ingenuity of the backwards video. It's a neat gimmick, with papers flying through the air the wrong way and all kinds of anti-gravitational tricks.They do lose points, though, for a credit sequence that's half as long as the song itself.

The rivalry appears to be friendly, but it is worth noting that YouTube comments have been disabled for both entries. So both schools will have to let their lip dubbing do the talking. Or something like that.

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