Feminists Silent On Call For Global One-Child Policy

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In a recent op-ed in the Canadian National Post, editor-at-large Diane Francis calls on world leaders, especially those attending the UN's Copenhagen Conference, to consider the environmental virtues of China's one-child policy. According to Francis, only government mandated policies restricting women's rights to reproduce will save the planet from what she believes will be an unsustainable global population of 9 billion by the year 2050.
During an interview conducted by Laura Ingraham (filling in for FOX News personality Bill O'Reilly), Francis attempted to distance herself from China's draconian methods for controlling its population, which include forced abortions, sterilization and even infanticide. Francis claims that she prefers financial penalties, and despite some pointed questioning by Ingraham, she failed to see the irony of a self-proclaimed pro-choice feminist promoting government interference or restrictions on reproduction. So much for those colorful slogans like "keep your hands off my uterus!" or even the movement's most effective moniker, "pro-choice," emphasis on choice.

As a mom of soon-to-be six kids, I am always fascinated and concerned by environmental fundamentalism and its propensity to see and treat children of large families as environmental "terrorists" guilty of violating some arbitrary carbon footprint quota. (You wouldn't believe how many moms I know who have been accosted by strangers and scolded for having a big brood.)

But even more difficult for me to swallow as a pro-life feminist is the deafening silence coming from the feminist establishment itself with regard to this outrageous op-ed. To date, despite the attention Francis' comments have received in both the Canadian and the U.S. media, I could not find a single statement from any of the prominent national women's organizations specifically denouncing Francis or her scandalous position. And while the Center for Reproductive Rights has addressed China's dehumanizing reproductive policies, it's list of accomplishments is almost entirely devoted to expanding abortion rights -- especially abroad -- and makes no mention of any work on China's one-child policy. Meanwhile, the Web site for the National Organization for Women actually has a "Media Hall of Shame" section, but there's nothing about Francis' comments. However, Burger King gets a mention for racy Internet commercials, as does Law and Order for an episode where a murdered abortion doctor is referred to as a "baby killer."

Right now, both organizations are heavily invested in the national health care debate. Specifically, they are very actively fighting amendments in the health care bill that would restrict government funding of abortion. The message these groups send women is that reproductive freedom and the energy and resources of the organizations charged with protecting those freedoms can only be counted on when what's in jeopardy is the freedom to kill one's child (or have the government pay for it). When it comes to the freedom to procreate without government or societal reprobation, these supposedly "pro-women" groups send a very clear message to women, and mothers in particular: In this battle, you are on your own.

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