Ricky Gervais Scares Elmo with Screeching Lullaby

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Elmo thinks a lullaby from Ricky Gervais will put him to sleep. Credit: Sesame Street/YouTube

Ricky Gervais' Dec. 22nd appearance on Sesame Street is getting plenty of positive reactions online, calling it "the best thing he has done in recent years." However, after watching his celebrity lullaby, we were just as shocked as Elmo.

The British comedian and the fuzzy redhead share some adorable banter as they discuss Gervais' celebrity status. The song begins with clever rhyming and a gentle tone (who knew Gervais had such a great voice?!?).

But when the chorus comes, it's a different story, with Gervais launching into an unexpected screech. Elmo is jolted out of bed, twice, scared and frazzled. At the conclusion of the nightmare-inducing song, Gervais offers Elmo a cup of soothing warm milk but the damage is already done, with the poor puppet's hair standing on end.

According to the people counters at the Public Broadcasting System, viewers didn't share our reaction. "As of today, Viewer Services didn't receive any comments of note from parents regarding that episode," PBS spokesperson Jake Landis tells ParentDish.

How that can be is beyond us. Kids need images of trustworthy grown-ups, especially as they're relaxing at bedtime. If this skit were made for adults, then maybe we'd find it funny. But as entertainment for children, it's just kind of weird.

You missed the boat on this one, Sesame Street.

Watch it for yourself and let us know if you think this segment is as strange as we do.

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