Octomom Doctor Accused of Gross Negligence

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Octomom fertility doc Michael Kamrava, 57, has been accused of negligence by the California Medical Board. Credit: Nick Ut, AP

Dr. Michael Kamrava, the doctor who implanted multiple embryos in Nadya Suleman, aka Octomom, has been accused of gross negligence by the California Medical Board.

According to a story in the UK's The Daily Telegraph, the medical board found that Kamrava (aka Octodoc, aka Doc Ock) "provided IVF treatment without consideration regarding potential harm to the patient's future children," and accused the doctor of failing "to recognize that the patient's behavior was outside the norm and that her conduct was placing her offspring at risk of potential harm."

In case anyone has forgotten, Kamrava implanted six embryos into Suleman, despite the fact that she already had six children.

Concerns about Kamrava have been raised in the past. In February of last year, UK news outlet TimesOnline ran a story about British embryologist Shantal Rajah, who worked for Kamrava more than 10 years ago. She says she left his clinic due to concerns over the "level of regulation," Rajah tells the Times.

Kamrava was thrown out of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine last year, but still has a license to practice medicine. A California Medical Board spokesman tells the Telegraph that the board's findings could lead to that license being taken away, but that wasn't definite.

Do you think that Octomom's doctor was negligent?

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