Kate Gosselin Gets New Look After 20-Hour Makeover

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Kate replaced her trademark 'do with longer locks. Credit: People

Nothing says "new start" like a new hairstyle -- just ask reality-TV star and recent divorcee Kate Gosselin, who replaced her infamous spiky 'do with long, flowing tresses.

Gosselin, mom of multiples and ex-wife of Jon Gosselin, graces the cover of the Jan. 8 issue of People magazine sporting long blond extensions and a big smile. NBC's "Today" gets a sneak peek and dishes about the drastic makeover, reporting that celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson spent 20-plus hours adding "hundreds" of extensions to Gosselin's hair.

The former co-star of TLC reality show "Jon and Kate Plus 8" just finalized her divorce from Jon. The two endured a very public, acrimonious split which effectively put an end to their television career as on-air parents of sextuplets and twins.

Gibson, who also appears on TLC's "What Not to Wear," tells "Today" that his celeb client was reluctant to let go of the thick shock of hair that fell from her forehead to her jaw. But convincing her to go for wispy bangs proved far less hair-raising than dealing with the tiny, spiky strands of the hairdo that launched a thousand jokes -- and even a Halloween costume.

Kate's old haircut inspired a Halloween costume. Credit: Dr. Billy Ingram, Getty Images

"Bonding extensions to those little hairs really took time," Gibson tells "Today." "But in all those hours, she didn't complain once. She was so open to whatever I suggested, and willing to try just about anything."

"Today" reports that Gosselin is thrilled with her new look and is also glad she doesn't have to endure that "awkward growing-out process of short hair."

Women all over the world can relate, Kate, not only with the growing-out process, but also with the desire to get a new 'do after kicking a man to the curb.

What do you think of Kate's new look?

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