Pregnant Women Say They're Often Exposed to Workplace Hazards

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A new study of working women in Spain reports that 62 percent say they are frequently exposed to some physical risk in their place of work: noise, high temperatures or humidity, vibrations or radiation and electromagnetic fields from computer screens.

A total of 56 percent say they often work standing up or have to lift heavy objects, and 63 percent are exposed to workplace stress.

The study of workplace hazards for pregnant women, recently published in the journal Gaceta Sanitaria, also reports that almost one-quarter of the women (22 percent) say they were exposed to some chemical agent (in most cases cleaning products) and 6 percent say they are exposed to biological risk factors in jobs that involve caring for others.

The study concludes that it is the youngest, least-educated and non-Spanish women, who are self-employed or working on temporary contracts, who are most likely to report being frequently exposed to workplace risks.

Until this study, there had been little information available about the exposure of pregnant women to workplace risks in Spain. The National Labour Force Survey, the leading source of information on exposure to workplace hazards, does not include information about pregnant women.

Did you worry about the way your work environment might affect you or your baby when you were pregnant?

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