Boys Are Not Better at Math than Girls, Study Says

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A new study confirms something many have believed to be true for some time: Boys are not better at math than girls.

Psychology professor Nicole Else-Quest and other researchers at Villanova University examined data from the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study and the Programme for International Student Assessment, which tracked math skills for 493,495 students ages 14 to 16 from 69 countries, according to a press release from the American Psychological Association.

"Stereotypes about female inferiority in mathematics are a distinct contrast to the actual scientific data," Else-Quest states in the release. "These results show that girls will perform at the same level as the boys when they are given the right educational tools and have visible female role models excelling in mathematics."

The stereotype that girls don't do as well in math classes made its way into popular culture in 1992 when Mattel briefly sold a Barbie doll that spoke the phrase "Math class is tough!" After protests from the American Association of University Women, Mattel changed the speech chip inside Teen Talk Barbie and removed the offending phrase. Some of the arithmetically challenged Barbies were sold, however -- here's a video of one from YouTube:

What do you think? Does the stereotype that girls are bad at math still exist?

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