Rebecca Romijn and Her Twins Star in New 'Got Milk' Campaign

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Rebecca Romijn and her twins, Dolly and Charlie. Credit: Milk Processor Education Program

The latest celeb to don a white moustache? Supermodel-turned-actress Rebecca Romijn.

And, baby, if her glowing "Got Milk?" ad -- co-starring gorgeous 1-year-old twin daughters Dolly Rebecca Rose and Charlie Tamara Tulip -- doesn't spur women to drink more dairy, we don't know what will.

The new ad, which debuts Jan. 15 in People and Us Weekly, marks the second time Romijn, 37, has posed for the campaign, which includes a new initiative called the "Great Gallon Give." The program will give away hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk -- that's more than three million servings -- to help raise awareness of milk's role in building strong families. Events are scheduled nationwide to give out the gallons and families can register to win a year's supply of milk at

The first 125,000 people to enter the contest will receive a downloadable coupon for free milk with purchase.

We're getting thirsty for the white stuff just thinking about it. Straight out of the carton, please.

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