Dad Calls Police When Child Refuses to Go to School

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Would you call the cops to get your kid on the bus? Credit: kevindooley, Flickr

Getting on and off the school bus every day is routine for millions of students across the country. But on Jan. 11, when a 6-year-old in Monroe, Ohio, refused to get on the bus in the morning, his father called the police.

Monroe Police Chief Greg Homer tells the Middletown Journal that a male caller told a dispatcher he wanted a police officer to come to his home and scare the boy into going to class.

The police chief of the town of 8,000 people, located 67 miles northeast of Cincinnati, tells the newspaper in the nearby community of Middletown that it's not uncommon for people to call the police for help in disciplining their children.

"We just send a police officer, and you just go over there and tell him, 'you got to go to school,' " he tells the Journal.
According to the Journal, the Monroe Police Department averages about 25 calls from parents annually. The calls usually come from single parents, Homer tells the paper.

"They're silly, but we get them," he adds. "Sometimes it's not always 'go to school,' but sometimes it's that they won't help clean dishes, won't help around the house, and 'help-me-raise-my-child calls.' "

The paper reports that a mother 200 miles away in Carrollton, Ohio, called the police Dec. 15 after catching her 6-year-old daughter shoplifting a package of stickers.

Homer tells the Journal he prefers police stay out of the business of rearing other people's children.

"There are exceptions," he adds. "You get some parents, they've got a 10-year-old and they come home talking about drugs and stuff like that, and the kids and the parents don't have the answers. So they'll call the police and want to talk to them about it."

Homer tells the paper that officers often refer students to the Drug Abuse Resistance Education officer in Monroe schools.

"It's a public relations thing, too. You try to help out people as much as you can, but raising your child is really not our job," he tells the paper. "But we will."

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