Mom Who Cussed Out Principal Faces Charges

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A New Jersey mom fed up with bullying shared her feelings with the school principal -- using some colorful language -- and now she's facing criminal charges.

According to MYFOXNY, Cindy Schwalb claims a boy pulled down her 13-year-old daughter's sweatpants in front of her classmates at Hasbrouck Heights Middle School. She shared her frustrations at a school board seminar on bullying. When the school superintendent questioned her about the incident -- including asking Schwalb if her daughter was wearing a thong at the time -- she reached her boiling point.

"I had to find out what body parts were actually revealed," Superintendent Joseph Luongo tells the news station, adding that it was a fair question.

After the meeting, Schwalb confronted school principal Edward Bocar in a hallway and gave him a profanity-laced piece of her mind. She later apologized, but school board members -- one of whom is a police officer -- were less than forgiving. They filed a criminal complaint against the irate mom, and now she faces a disorderly conduct charge. She has pleaded not guilty.

Schwalb's lawyer, Boris Shmaruk, tells MYFOXNY that he is "proud" of his client: "She is a passionate mother who stood up for her daughter. More mothers should take her as an example. This is no longer a local New Jersey problem. The problem of bullying and intimidation is a national one that deserves public awareness."

We can't condone Schwalb's actions, but we certainly understand how she could blow a fuse after trying to defend her child and then being questioned about her daughter's undergarments in response. This is a case of two wrongs definitely not making a right.

Was Schwalb out of line, or did the principal earn her wrath?

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