Dad Creates Edible Superhero Lunches

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One Nebraska 5-year-old is the talk of his elementary school cafeteria thanks to the painstaking efforts of his dad, who makes him elaborate lunches in the form of comic-book superheroes.

Kai Wilken, 35, of Omaha, spends hours each day thinking about what his son, Laddie, 5, will take for lunch. But according to ABC News On Campus, Wilken isn't just concerned about the food pyramid -- he's planning what kind of edible art will grace Laddie's lunchbox. The process begins the night before. "Most often it does start with a sketch," Wilken tells ABC. "It starts with a character I have in mind, or a scene that I have in mind."

The next day, Laddie finds Batman or another popular superhero -- all made out of veggies, fruits and lunch meat -- inside his lunch sack. The boy's teachers are wowed by the creations, and tell ABC that they often call one another over to Laddie's table to take a look.

Why go to such great lengths to create masterpieces that will only be gobbled up? Out of love, says Wilken. "I hope he remembers that even though we're not there with him eating, we're still there for him."

Our take? Superman has nothing on this lunchbox superhero dad.

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