California Lawmaker Pushes for Kids to Use Ski Helmets

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Should there be a ski helmet law? Credit: Getty Images

In the mid-'90s, there was a surge of local laws mandating that children of a certain age wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. Now, California lawmakers are proposing a similar rule pertaining to ski slopes.

Last week, California Sen. Leland Yee introduced a bill that would require children under 18 to don a protective helmet. Failure to do so could result in a $25 fine. Leland drafted the bill after reviewing a study reporting that helmets can cut the risk of serious head injuries in children (15 and younger) in half.

While the bill has received much support, one lawmaker is opposed, claiming it's not up to the government to decide how people protect themselves.

It'll be weeks before the bill is passed or denied, but we must admit: We thought helmet rules were already strictly enforced by ski resorts. And even if they weren't, we couldn't imagine sending a child down a mountain without any sort of protective headgear.

If your family hits the slopes, tell us about your helmet-using habits.

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