Preschool Version of 'Jersey Shore' May Top Original

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"Jersey Shore," MTV's latest foray into the reality-TV genre, has spawned plenty of opinion -- from upset New Jersey tourism executives to viewers who swear the show is an accurate portrayal of the lives of Italian-American young adults. But our favorite reaction just might be this hilarious video of preschool kids gelled up and ready to party with their juice boxes.

The Huffington Post delights in sharing the clip, calling it "what the Internet does best: Use kids to mock adults."

Others, including Daniel Cappello, find the show less amusing. Cappello is the executive director of the Jersey Shore Convention & Visitors Bureau and he tells the Wall Street Journal that the series content puts the vacation destination in a bad light.

In case you've been living under a pop-culture rock, "Jersey Shore" follows eight Italian-Americans who share a summer house in Seaside Heights, N.J. In it, the tanned players engage in sex, fist fights and put an awful lot of gel in their hair.

"I don't want someone from Bucks County saying I'm not going to the Jersey Shore when they see these, frankly, shocking images of people who are visiting there," Cappello tells the Journal.

Whatever your opinions about the show, we can't help but laugh when a little kid utters the line: "We love being at the Jersey Shore."

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