Suri Cruise Is Her Own Stylist

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Tom Cruise plays with his daughter Suri Cruise. Credit: Bauer-Griffen

You know, we've been wondering for a while now -- just who is the celeb stylist who has the gig of dressing Suri Cruise, the world's trendiest tot?

Well, the word is out -- Eonline reports that the 3-year-old fashionista picks out her own designer clothes.

"Just so you know, she dresses herself," dad Tom Cruise tells the entertainment site at a T: The New York Times Style Magazine party in Hollywood. "She really does. She picks out everything on her own."

"She really does," mom Katie Holmes confirms. "She has such cute style."

Cruise tells Eonline he doesn't "care one single bit" about his daughter's popularity outshining his own. "I love it," he tells the site. "I think that's great. How can you not love her? She's wonderful. I really appreciate that. She's a joy."

So, will we be watching Suri up on the big screen at some point, following in the footsteps of her famous folks?

"We want her to do whatever makes her happy," Cruise tells Eonline. "She can decide on her own."

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