Sarah Palin Does Not Sell Magazines

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Sarah and Bristol Palin talk motherhood. Credit: InTouch

It would seem that Palin Family Values aren't actually all that valuable on the newsstand.

When In Touch Magazine paid $100,000 for their story about the Palin family, they were probably hoping for better sales than they got. Page Six reports that, despite Palin's constant presence in the media, the issue of the glossy gossip mag with her and Bristol on the cover "sold about 500,000 copies on newsstands." While that may sound like a lot, it is only half the amount of copies that a recent issue featuring the late actress Brittany Murphy on the cover sold, according to the Post.

Using hyperbolic logic, this must mean that Americans greatly prefer the death of a young actress to a story about how a mother and daughter "chose life." (Does this mean the Palins are pro-choice? Rim shot.) Is what a Gawker commenter wrote -- "Sarah Palin is like Haiti; eventually people will lose interest" -- true?

We prefer a simpler theory. Namely, that Palin is overexposed. There's no need to buy a magazine to find out what she has to say. Her fans can watch her on television, or pick up a copy of her book, "Going Rogue: An American Life." So why would In Touch pay $100,000 to put the Palins on their cover? Perhaps they've learned their lesson -- the Post reports that next week's cover subject will be none other than Angelina Jolie.

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