Trying For a Record, High School Team Fouls Out

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The Jack Yates Senior High School boys basketball team, known as the Jack Yates Lions, was trying to break a record for most consecutive 100-point games.

On Jan. 20, with less than three minutes left, they had scored 84 points. To try and give them more time to hit the magic number of 100, Lions players began intentionally fouling the opposing team in order to stop the clock. The strategy didn't work; the final score was 94-64.

The Lions also made news earlier this year when they defeated Lee High School by a score of 170-35, breaking a Texas record for most points scored in a single game. Although the Lions were ahead 100-12 at halftime, the coach, Greg Wise, left his starters in the game so they could vie for the scoring record. The story received national attention, and on ESPN, coach Wise defended his decision.

This time, the controversy seems to be less about the Lions "running up the score," as it is about how they did it. One Houston Chronicle reader, westsidebill, writes, "Another sign of classlessness by Yates Coach Wise: intentionally fouling to create clock stoppages and give them additional scoring opportunities." Another reader, playhardorgohome, defended the coach and the players, comparing the Lions' attempt to break the consecutive scoring record to Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt at the 2008 summer Olympics, writing, "Records are meant to be challenged and broken."

Not breaking the record has not slowed the Yates team down. On Jan. 23, the Lions beat the Davis High School Panthers by a score of 154-39.

Was it bad sportsmanship for the Jack Yates Lions to go for the scoring record by intentionally fouling the other team? Or are the other teams just jealous?

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