Sex-Offender Advisory Issued For Pete Townshend's Super Bowl Performance

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Pete Townshend of The Who. Credit: Hannah Johnston, Getty Images

The locals around Florida's Sun Life Stadium say they won't get fooled again. As The Who comes to town to play the Super Bowl halftime show on February 7, a local watchdog group wants to make sure that area residents know it's a legal matter. The group, Protect Our Children, Inc., is mailing "sex offender advisory" postcards to homes near the site of the big game, warning them about guitarist Pete Townshend's past, when he was charged by British police in 2003 for buying child pornography from a Texas-based Web site.

The classic rocker pleaded guilty back then, but said he'd been researching childhood memories of sexual assault for his autobiography. Townshend received a police caution, but was cleared on charges of possession of indecent pictures. As a result, the guitarist was named on the UK sex-offenders' registry for five years.

Protect Our Children, Inc., a non-profit organization located in Florida's Brevard County says it is "committed to fighting the sexual victimization of children," according to its Web site.

The site also says that the advisory was mailed on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 to residents of Miami Gardens, Florida, which is located approximately two miles from Florida's Sun Life Stadium (formerly known as Dolphin Stadium), according to Google Maps. They're hoping that the rocker won't be fiddling about on American soil.

Townshend's arrest was filmed by the BBC as part of a documentary called "Police Protecting Children: Internet Pedophilia". Townshend's attorneys tried to stop the film from airing, but they were unsuccessful, according to The Independent.

The organization One Child International is also protesting The Who's appearance at the Super Bowl, through their Web site

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