How to Play: Hearts and Mittens

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Valentine's Day fun and games! Credit: D Sharon Pruitt, Flickr

What you need: Red and blue craft foam, scissors, string or ribbon and a basket.

How to play: Cut from red craft foam half as many hearts and mittens as you expect in your company. Out of blue craft foam, cut hearts and mittens for the rest of the company. Number them so every heart has its corresponding mitten. Attach strings or ribbons to each and place them in a basket. Each guest takes the end of a string and pulls out his or her heart or mitten, as the case may be. Each one then hunts for his or her partner.

The rules: When all are paired off, a circle is formed and someone strikes up a lively march. Whenever the music stops, all the girls stay where they are, and the boys move up one person. This goes on until everyone has had a different partner, and finally, when the original one comes back around, there is a grand march before the circle breaks up.


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