Prom Turns Into Booze Cruise for Chaperones

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A luxury prom aboard a yacht turned into a drunken bash for teachers from a Brooklyn, N.Y., high school, and one chaperone was bounced from the classroom after allegedly making out with a student.

A group of students from International High School at Lafayette enjoyed a three-hour cruise around Manhattan last June, and bartenders opened the bar for the grown-ups tasked with preventing the teens from engaging in forbidden shenanigans. Instead, the New York Post reports, the adults enjoyed themselves a little too much and 25-year-old chemistry teacher Lindsay Dunaj was caught locking lips with a student on the dance floor.

The kiss was broadcast to revelers below the upper deck dance floor on a large-screen TV located on the lower level of the yacht -- appropriately named "Fantasy." Stunned classmates, teachers and even school principal Michael Soet watched the action.

"They were making out," an unnamed student tells the Post.
Dunaj was pulled from the classroom in December 2009 after special schools investigator Richard Condon also discovered that, on top of the prom incident, a second student is claiming to have had a romantic relationship with the science teacher.

The entire booze cruise is under investigation by the city's Department of Education, the Post reports. Alcoholic drinks are strictly forbidden at school-sponsored events or trips attended by minors. According to students, kids were not able to sweet talk the bartenders into serving them cocktails, but they did sneak sips from their teachers.

Principal Soet refused to comment on the prom gone awry, but his staff members were quick to pin the blame on their supervisor.

"How can you trust the judgment of a principal who would throw an alcohol bash at a senior prom?" an unnamed teacher tells the Post.

International High School at Layfayette serves 300 New York City students who are all recent immigrants to the United States. This was the school's first prom -- we can't wait to see what they come up with this year.

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