Music Review: "Who I Am" by Nick Jonas and the Administration

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The youngest Jonas Brother grows up and goes his own way. Credit:

Who I Am by Nick Jonas and the Administration

No, this side project from the youngest
Jonas Brother is not intended as "children's music," but certain kids are definitely going to want to listen to it. Who I Am is actually a very mature album -- in its musical style, not its subject matter. There's no need to worry that the 17-year-old Jonas left his Disney-approved chasteness behind when he chose an all-adult backing band. About the raciest the lyrics get is in "Last Time Around" when he talks about the possibility of his girlfriend "becom[ing] familiar with another in town."

That song, "Last Time Around," is, like much of Who I Am, eerily catchy pop. There's also a hearty heaping of funk in these tracks -- thanks in good part to some rolling organ solos that provide an early Stevie Wonder vibe. And there are a couple of good guitar-driven rockers on the disc, too, like the pounding "Conspiracy Theory." When you consider that all of these tunes were written by Nick Jonas, you understand why he was the first of the Jonas Brothers to be discovered and had originally been offered a solo record deal.

Of course, Jonas still sounds like a kid (a trait which is, frankly, only going to make his fan base love him more). But he manipulates that young voice well, almost putting on different characters for different songs. He adopts a John Mayer-like willowiness for heartfelt tracks like "Rose Garden," and gets his growl on for rougher stuff like "Conspiracy Theory." There are even moments of Timberlake-esque falsetto, as in the hit-single-worthy "State of Emergency." The one track you might hope your kids skip past is the dirge-like "In the End," which drones on for way too long. But as a whole, if your kids are Jonas fans and this is the CD they plan to play ad nauseum for the next few months, you'll be just fine.

Nick Jonas Comfortable Performing Without His Brothers

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