Superheroic 5-Year-Old Comes to His Mother's Rescue

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Tyler Swass doesn't remember his mother or anyone else teaching him about 911.

So when his mother had a seizure on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the 5-year-old Pennsylvania boy acted more or less on instinct.

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"It was just in my head," he tells the NBC affiliate in Philadelphia. "It just came to me."

Asked where he learned about 911, Tyler replied, "I didn't learn it from anyone. I just got it from myself."

Lucky thing, too.

Tyler was at home with his mother, Amanda, and baby sister in Forks Township (about an hour and a half east of New York City) when Amanda started having a seizure. She has occasional seizures, using a stimulator in her chest to help break the episodes.
"She was, like, shaking, and then she just laid on the ground because she was staying on the ground, and then I got the phone and then called 911," the boy tells NBC.

The conversation was a little annoying, he adds.

"They asked me if she can talk to them, but I telled them that she couldn't because she had a seizure -- duh!" he tells the TV station. "I had to keep saying that every time, but they still didn't listen. But then they stopped talking about it."

Tyler didn't know the family's address, just the street name. Fortunately, NBC reports, family friend and volunteer firefighter Matt Mowery heard the call on the scanner.

"When I got there, I walked in the door and go, 'T-Man, what did you do?' and he looks at me and he goes 'I called 911. My mom needed it,'" Mowery tells NBC.

Amanda woke up in the hospital, where she learned how Tyler came to her rescue.

"I am so proud of him, I started to cry," she tells NBC.

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