New Monopoly has Circular Board, Songs and Credit Cards

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"Monopoly: Revolution Edition " features a circular board. Credit: Hasbro Games

In honor of Monopoly's 75th Anniversary, Hasbro is releasing MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition. What makes it new? A circular board, plastic pieces and an "electronic game pod" that plays music and keeps track of the money. So long, paper currency.

Also different are the dollar amounts: $200 for passing Go? P'shaw. That'll be $2 million, now.

You can still play as a dog or a shoe, but instead of the cool metal pieces that were actually shaped like a dog or a shoe, you get a clear plastic piece with an image of a dog or a shoe on it.

The "electronic game pod" will act as the banker (no more cheating), and will also play sounds like the rattle of a jail door closing, as well as songs both current (Rihanna's "Umbrella," Daniel Powter's "Bad Day") and classic (Elton John's "Rocket Man") according to materials provided by Hasbro.

The regular version of Monopoly will still be sold, according to a report on Gizmodo.

Monopoly fans already had a lot of choices to make. Those desperate to ditch the paper money can already pick up Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition. Then there are the numerous branded versions, such as Nintendo Monopoly, Monopoly Clone Wars (as in "Star Wars," in case you didn't know), and even the Monopoly video game for the Playstation 3. Gizmodo's John Herrman suggests that if you really want the ease of not dealing with cash, the video game route is probably the way to go.

Still, a quick perusal of the many Monopoly versions shows that the most revolutionary thing about this new edition is the round board. Look at the photo. It just looks like a different game.

MONOPOLY: Revolution Edition will be available this fall for a suggested retail price of $34.99, according to a company spokesperson.

What about you? Are you interested in this new Monopoly with a round board? Or will you be a square and stick with the old one?

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