Supermodel Mom Gisele Didn't Have to Wear Maternity Clothes

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A pregnant Gisele Bundchen wearing her non-maternity clothes. Credit: Christopher Peterson, BuzzFoto / FilmMagic

As if being a glamorous, jet-setting and very rich supermodel -- who happens to be married to super successful and very handsome pro quarterback, Tom Brady -- weren't reasons enough to be insanely envious of Gisele Bundchen, here's another: The new mom never even had to wear maternity clothes.

Now, that's just not fair. Seriously. Gisele already has genes that 99 percent of us do not have, but now she's telling us she never even had to wear a shirt akin to a muumuu or -- gasp! -- pants with an elastic band.

"I kept myself in good shape throughout the pregnancy, feeding on a healthy (diet), meditating and doing exercises such as yoga and kung-fu," the model tells Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo (translation courtesy New York magazine). "I gained a little, but I kept using almost the same clothes, with minor adjustments to close in the belly."

Oh, and get this: The 29-year-old glamazon doesn't even have to exercise. It's one thing to hear about skinny actresses or models who admit they must subsist on celery sticks and log four-hour daily sweat sessions. But not Gisele.

"In the first months it's all about the baby," she tells the newspaper. "But little by little I recovered the form."

This is also the woman who gave birth to baby Benjamin in a bathtub in Boston on Dec. 8, and, according to an Associated Press report, says it didn't even hurt. Natural childbirth with no pain?

Celebrities: They're not like us at all!


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