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ParentDish caught up with busy working mom Lesley Spencer Pyle to talk about her company, which pairs stay-at-home moms with work that allows flexibility and a paycheck. Pyle was between caring for her two-year-old and driving her 12-year-old to the orthodontist when we touched base.

ParentDish: How old is your company?
Lesley Pyle: I started in May 2007.

PD: How has the economy impacted the business?
LP: With the economy uncertain, many moms are looking for ways to bring in additional income. HireMYMom allows them to search and find jobs and projects that they can do from home without forcing them to work outside the home.

PD: What about the companies?
LP:Companies that may not have the budget for full-time or even part-time employees can find their solution in hiring these mom professionals at a much lower cost than hiring traditional employees. They save not only on salaries but on benefits as well because most of projects are on a contractual or freelance basis so the benefits are not included.
PD: Why did you start it?
LP: Originally I'd started another company after my first child was born in 1997 for home based working moms. That company was more connected to the chamber of commerce. During that time I talked to a lot of friends and women I know who wanted to work from home, but did not want to start a home business, they weren't entrepreneurs. They needed someone to connect them with the businesses for freelance or contract work.

PD: Where do the companies come in?
LP: Flexibility is the most valuable benefit for a company to provide to a busy mom. She may not need the benefits because her husband has them, but she wants to work in her chosen profession. These companies want to find workers but

PD: How many companies do you represent?

LP: We have over 2,600 registered business that have posted jobs or projects to our members.

PD: How many moms does your site serve?
LP: Right now we have 1,150 moms.

PD: How does the site work?
LP: Moms register, pay $29 per quarter for access to the job listings.

PD: What kind of jobs are on the site?
LP: We have women all over the country and the jobs are in graphic design, web design, virtual assistants, writing, editing and some bookkeeping and accounting.

PD: What's next?
LP: We're considering expanding outside the U.S.

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