Drew Brees and His Son After the Super Bowl - Best Moment of the Big Game?

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Drew Brees celebrates with son Baylen and his wife, Brittany, after the Saints' Super Bowl victory. Credit: Win McNamee, Getty Images

The best moment of the big game may have happened after it was all over.

Super Bowl XLIV was as good as it gets. Two great teams played a great game, the Saints won their first Super Bowl ever (fun fact: until 2010, the franchise had won a total of just two postseason games in 43 years), and the city of New Orleans got a welcome infusion of pure joy.

But how many of us can relate to winning the Super Bowl? Not a whole lot. But any parent can relate to what happened right after the New Orleans Saints claimed victory Sunday night.

Look at this video of Super Bowl MVP Brees and his son on the field after the big game:

How cute is that? Look at the way Big Daddy Brees is holding his one-year-old son, Baylen. (Bree's wife Brittany gave birth to Baylen on January 15, 2009 -- Drew's 30th birthday. Because this story really needs another "aw, shucks" detail.) Brees is completely focused on his little boy, kissing his little hand, telling him what's going on even though the kid probably has no idea what all the fuss is about (although Dada Drew had the courtesy to put some headphones on the lad to protect his tender eardrums from what must have been an extraordinary level of noise). Despite the fact that they were being watched by millions of people, this was a private moment shared by a father and his son.

As the commentator says in the video, "That's what it's all about."

With all of the chatter leading up to Super Bowl XLIV, it's unlikely anyone predicted that there would be a moment to make parents everywhere want to go and hug their kids.

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