Tinkerbell Bracelets Recalled for Lead

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A number of Tinkerbell charms contain excess lead. Credit: CPSC

Tinkerbell has been poisoned ... again.

This time, however, you can't blame Captain Hook. And it will take more than clapping to set things right.

According to Consumer Reports, more than 252,000 Tinkerbell charms are being pulled from shelves because they contain more lead than federal allows allows.

The Disney charms, manufactured by Playmates Toys, were sold as part of the Tink Tink and Friends toy jewelry set -- mostly between November 2008 and November 2009. The charm can be attached to a toy necklace, bracelet or key chain also included in the set.

If your child has one, Consumer Reports advises, take it away immediately. Contact Playmates Toys in Cosa Mesa, Calif., at 888-810-1133 or playmatestoys.com for a replacement or refund.

Disney princesses and fairies can't catch a break lately.

Tinkerbell's problems come less than a month after federal officials at the Consumer Product Safety Commission ordered the recall of pendants based on the Disney movie "The Princess and The Frog."

The pendants were found to have high levels of the toxic cadmium.

Meanwhile, according to Consumer Reports, executives at Schurman Fine Papers are voluntarily recalling their children's birthday cards that feature bracelets containing lead.

They are recalling 174,000 of the wood-bead bracelets because the paint contains excessive amounts of lead. The bracelets were sold between 2004 and 2009 and include a bead in the shape of a butterfly.

Again, Consumer Reports advises, take them away from children immediately. Call Schurman at 888-990-9095 for instructions.

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