Carrie Underwood Worms Her Way Onto 'Sesame Street'

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Carrie Underwood will appear on "Sesame Street" -- as a worm.

But that's not a bad thing. See, the "American Idol" winner and country music superstar has a muppet of her very own: Carrie Underworm. Underwood performed "Worm Anthem," an original song for the kids show, in which she sings about being "proud to be a worm."

Here is a video preview, in which Carrie Underworm is introduced by none other than NASCAR superstar Jeff Gordon.

Carrie Underworm

by MarshalGrover

But some of Underwood's fans seem to feel her appearance is a tad, well, slimy.

"Lee," a reader of the country music blog The Boot, writes, "Uh, not too sure how I feel 'bout that one ... Somethin' 'bout it just don't seem quite right." However, "Lee" admits to not being a regular "Sesame Street" viewer. Another reader, Jessie, thinks the sketch is, "Kind of weird ... but funny."

The real-life, human version of Carrie Underwood performed the national anthem at Super Bowl XLIV.

Carrie Underworm will make her "Sesame Street" debut Feb. 11, with additional appearances on March 17, April 8 and April 26, according to The Boot.

How about you? What do you think of Carrie Underworm?

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