BBC To Blame For New Reality Show, 'Hotter Than My Daughter'

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If you thought reality television producers had run out of ideas, you were wrong. The BBC's latest show in the genre? A little something called "Hotter Than My Daughter."

The show appears to live up to its title. It features women of a certain age who believe they are, as they repeatedly point out, hotter than their daughters. We watch them do their thing, and then, according to the BBC's description, "a public jury decides which of them should change their image: over-the-top mum, judgmental daughter, or both."

In this clip, titled "I'm not a Grandma, I'm a Glamma!," a teenager named Kobie bemoans the fact that her mother, Sharon, likes to wear, shall we say, revealing outfits. For her part, Sharon wishes her daughter would flaunt it a little more often. Kobie, you see, prefers "comfort over style." Sharon is all about "less is more." Unless she's talking about her chest, which the show Web site describes as size DD and "twice-enhanced."

If "Hotter Than my Daughter" is a hit, one wonders if some enterprising television executive will decide to produce a real version of the fake "30 Rock" reality show "MILF Island."

At the moment, however, online reaction to the BBC show appears to be mostly negative. Over at Mamarazzi, Susie Sunshine (real name?) wonders "Where would anyone get the notion that being sexier and more desirable than their daughters is the goal of any mother?!"

The Frisky's Kate Torgovnick eloquently describes the show as "wiggity, wiggity, wiggity wack." And Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams calls "Hotter Than My Daughter" a "Freudian nightmare."

What do you think? Would you watch?

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