Twins Don't Need To Be Separated At School, Study Shows

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Twins might do just as well in the same classroom. Credit: Corbis

When their children reach school age, many parents of twins wrestle with the decision to separate the siblings or put them in the same classroom. But according to recent research, when it comes to grades, it doesn't matter.

In a study that appeared in the January 2010 Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, University of Amsterdam researchers looked at 2,003 pairs of identical and fraternal twins. Most of the children (72 percent) were in the same class as their sibling; 19 percent were separated; and another 9 percent "partly" shared a classroom. At age 12, the students took a standardized test, and there was no significant difference in test scores between the three groups.

The researchers say parents, teachers and the children themselves should make the decision about whether or not to separate.

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