Toxic Teddy Bears Pulled From Target Shelves

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Target Corp. has been notified that its Valentine's Day "Message Bears" have illegal levels of lead. Ryan Nestle, Center for Environmental Health / AP

This Valentine's Day, watch out for Toxic Teddy Bears.

The California-based Center for Environmental Health (CEH) found toxic levels of lead in Target's Valentine's Day Message Bears, according to published reports. So they sent a message of their own to Attorney General Jerry Brown, who told Target to recall the cute and potentially deadly stuffed animals. Brown's office also asked that the popular mega-store take the bears back whether or not customers still have their receipts.

The bad news bears in question come in two varieties -- a pink teddy emblazoned with "XOXO" and a brown version that says "I Love U." The bears were manufactured in China.

"Target's initial investigation indicates this product had compliant testing results when it was shipped," says Target spokesperson Beth Hanson. The company has since pulled the bears from store shelves, she says.

Oddly enough, one can still purchase a teddy-like product called a "Message Bear" from -- are you sitting down? -- Yes, there's a Valentine's Day version. No word on lead levels, however.

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