YouTube Announces New Parental Controls

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You love YouTube, and odds are, your kids do, too. What you don't love is that there is no way to filter out the videos you don't want the kids to see. Well, now there is.

YouTube is introducing Safety Mode, a new feature the company says will help parents shield their children from "objectionable content." It was announced today on CBS's "The Early Show."


Safety Mode came about, in part, due to the efforts of mom Marsali Hancock, who became frustrated by her inability to block certain portions of the popular video portal.

"It's either all of YouTube or none of YouTube," she tells CBS. "You either take the whole world and say, 'It's OK,' or you say, 'No, I'm sorry, you are not going to be on at all.' " Hancock is the president of the Internet Keep Safe Coalition.

Safety Mode is "opt-in," meaning you must enable it manually for every browser you or your children are using. To do so, look for the words "Safety Mode is off" at the bottom of any YouTube page. Click that, and then click the radio button that says "on." If you don't see Safety Mode anywhere on your YouTube pages yet, hang tight -- the company says on its blog that Safety Mode is "rolling out" today. (That's tech-speak for "it'll be there soon.")

In the same blog entry, YouTube points out that "no filter is 100 percent perfect," but it hopes Safety Mode will offer "a greater degree of control over your YouTube experience" -- and, more importantly, your child's.

For more about how Safety Mode works, watch this YouTube video.

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