Celeb Clan Close-Up: Suri and Katie Go Shopping in the Snow

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Katie Holmes goes shopping with Suri

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise in Manhattan on February 10, 2010. Credit: James Devaney, WireImage

Thank you for snowing: It was a snowy shopping day in New York Feb. 10 for Katie Holmes and her pint-size cutie, Suri Cruise.

The trendsetting mother/daughter duo appeared to do their best to dodge the city's recent stormy weather, even ducking inside a Sephora store, where Mom loaded up a shopping basket with beauty supplies while Suri, 4, checked out lipsticks.

Never mind that the snow dampened their hair -- it didn't dampen their style. The ever-fashionable Holmes wore jeans tucked into sleek knee-high boots -- with chunky sensible heels -- and a cute camel coat and handbag.

Girlie-girl Suri continued her reign as world's most stylish tot in a pretty blue dress, red coat, striped mittens, tights and pink sneakers.

And to top it all off? The pair shared shelter under a princess-themed umbrella -- which didn't keep Suri from trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a snow day to us!

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