10 Stylish Valentine's Day Treats for Your Little Sweets

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Converse One Star gingham sneakers, top, Pediped heart shoes and Converse animal slip-ons are perfect holiday styles. Credit: Target, Pediped, Converse

You may feel a little silly dressing up in pink and red -- all covered in hearts and cupids -- on Valentine's Day. But, for kids, it's practically a requirement.

A cherubic child without some stylish nod to the romantic holiday just doesn't seem right. So, we pulled together five fashionable ideas for girls -- and five for boys -- that are sure to warm your heart. Of course, many of these looks can be mixed and matched between the two sexes. In fact, we'd say several of these styles are completely unisex. Oh, and, no item costs more than $45.

Now, as for chocolate and little candy hearts? Those'll cost ya extra.

1. Shoes, girls:
Little pink shoes are sure to be worn well past Valentine's Day. We're truly smitten with these pink gingham Converse One Star toddler shoes, $22.99, at Target. And for the younger set, it's hard to go wrong with Pediped's "Ashley" style, chocolate brown soft-soled shoes embellished with fuchsia hearts. Pediped.com, $23.

Shoes, boys:
OK, OK, hearts are out. And you say your dapper little dude doesn't like pink? We've got the perfect solution. These way cool kicks from Converse's Chuck Taylor All Star Animals collection come in Valentine-appropriate red, but get a funky twist with black dots and eyes on the toes. Converse.com, $30.

Two pajamas to love: Hannah Andersson's sleeper and Paul Frank's monkey design. Credit: Nordstrom

2. PJs, girls: You wear your heart on your sleeve when it comes to your baby, so why not show it literally by dressing her in cozy pajamas covered in hearts of her own, like this organic cotton snuggly sleeper from Hannah Andersson? Nordstrom.com, $25.

PJs, boys:
Red doesn't have to come with just girlie hearts. You can still get the Valentine's Day vibe across for boys with these adorable jammies. Dress your little monkey in Paul Frank's "Julius" two-piece design for infants and share the love. Nordstrom.com, $26.

Nordstrom onesies let you show your love. Credit: Nordstrom

3. Onesie, girls: Hugs and kisses, hugs and kisses. Sometimes, it seems like we're practically smothering our little ones in Xs and Os. So, why not give your affection a fashion moment with this XOXO Nordstrom Baby appliqué onesie in bright red cherry? We dare you not to keep the kisses and hugs coming. Nordstrom.com, $16.

Onesie, boys:
You know it's true: The first time you caught a glimpse of your baby boy, it was all over. He is, in fact, a heartbreaker. Which is why this heather gray onesie -- with the word "Heartbreaker" emblazoned across the chest, is so appropriate for the holiday. Norsdstrom.com, $16.

We wish these J. Crew T-shirts came in grown-up sizes, too. Credit: J. Crew

4. T-shirt, girls:
Here's a T-shirt for your daughter that we're betting you wished you could have for yourself. This pale pink T-shirt from J. Crew gets a dose of love with a sequin heart and the word "Happy." So simple, so chic ... so sad it only comes in girls' sizes. $32, Jcrew.com.

T-shirt, boys:
Do you sense a theme here? Infants aren't the only heartbreakers around -- bigger boys are feeling the love, too. We are practically googly-eyed over this "Heartbreaker" T-shirt from J. Crew. Dig the vintage feel of the chocolate brown cotton jersey, which gives the shirt a lived-in look. $19.50, Jcrew.com.

Mini Boden's hearts and stripes look lovely in Valentine red. Credit: Mini Boden

5. Clothing, girls:
It doesn't get much sweeter than this. Mini Boden's white crochet trim dress is covered in pretty red hearts -- just right for a day celebrating true love. Just add tights and a cute cardigan or layer it over a long-sleeve T-shirt for now, and, come summer, you've got a great sundress. Bodenusa.com, $42.

, boys: Who's the star this Valentine's Day? Well, your little love bug, of course, but this star-spangled hoodie is sure to get some attention, too. And, we're betting Mini Boden's red hoodie will become a year-round staple in your boy's wardrobe rotation. Bodenusa.com, $42.


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