Man Arrested for Tattooing Toddler

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Lee Deitrick is arrested for tattooing toddler

Lee Deitrick is facing a felony child endangering charge because authorities say he tattooed a 1-year-old girl. Credit: Stark County Sheriffs Department / AP

An Ohio man was arrested after he allegedly tattooed the backside of a 1-year-old girl while she was visiting his house.

MSNBC reports that Lee Deitrick, 20, of Louisville, Ohio, faces felony charges of child endangerment for allegedly putting a permanent tattoo on the child's bottom while she was at his house with a female relative in November. Authorities say the child's mother did not give permission for the tattoo, which is in the shape of the letter "A."

The unnamed grandmother of the accused man tells MSNBC that the tattoo is a "wee-little hairline" and added that it has mostly disappeared. Louisville Police Chief Andrew Turowski adds that the mark is smaller than a dime. If convicted, Deitrick faces up to five years in prison. He is currently being held on $250,000 bail.

A California man accused of giving his 7-year-old a gang tattoo in April 2008 faced a charge of aggravated mayhem, which, in that state, carries a sentence of life in prison. However, the court dismissed that charge and he was instead charged with child endangerment, which, in California, carries a sentence of up to 10 years in prison. In that case, lawyers for the accused argued that giving a child a tattoo is no different than piercing his ear or even circumcising him.

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