Music Review: "Rock and Roll Garden" by Bari Koral Family Rock Band

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Bari Koral will cure young couch potatoes. Credit: Loopytunes

Rock and Roll Garden by Bari Koral Family Rock Band

Some children's artists rely on gimmicks to draw audiences; others bank on gearing their sound toward parents and hope to pull in the kids by proxy. Bari Koral goes a more traditional route. She writes great songs, aimed directly at preschoolers, and trusts in their quality enough to know she'll win moms and dads over with them as well.

Koral has a solid-yet-gentle voice that makes you understand why she was a hit as a folk-pop singer on the college circuit in her previous life. Here, on her first full-length CD (following up a nice appetizer of an EP last year), she serves up the kind of ready-made dance tunes that are built to get little kids moving. Songs like "Clap It" and "Dance All Day" have steps written right into the lyrics, while onomatopoeia-based numbers like "Pop" and "Boom Boom" practically beg you to dance with their driving hooks -- the notes themselves feel like choreography.

Of course, "rock" is in the name of the band and the album title, so you expect some crashing cymbals and electric guitar riffs in the mix, too. And you get them on the Beatles-esque "Colors," the punky "Best Friends," and the kicky, staccato "Subway" --which, in all honesty, I would love to hear Green Day cover. The combination makes you really want to see the Bari Koral Family Rock Band live.

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