Cafeteria Worker Charged, Teen Suspended After Food Fight

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A 13-year-old who didn't want to eat her veggies sparked a fight in the school cafeteria. Credit: Seth Lemmons, Flickr

Food fights sure have changed.

A 13-year-old girl who threw vegetables in a cafeteria worker's face sparked a fist-fight that ended with criminal charges being filed against the worker, who apparently didn't find the incident very amusing.

An unnamed student at Gilmartin Elementary School in Waterbury, Conn. tossed her veggies at 55-year-old lunch aide Rosa Robles while in the cafeteria line, the Republican-American reports. Robles then walked up to the teen and returned the favor."How do you like it?" Robles asked, according to the police report. Police spokesman Lt. Christopher Corbett tells the newspaper the girl then punched Robles in the face, sparking a fisticuffs that led to scratches on the girl's face and cut lips for both the teen and Robles.

Robles now faces charges of risk of injury to a minor, assault in the third-degree and breach of peace. The girl -- who is in fifth grade, according to Corbett -- has been suspended and will remain so until the school is able to complete an investigation of the incident.

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