Father Could Face Jail Time For Bringing Daughter To Church

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Joseph Reyes could face jail time for bringing his daughter to church.

Sound strange? The reason for the possible visit to the pokey: By bringing the 3-year-old girl to a Catholic church, Reyes violated an order from Chicago family court that he previously signed off on.

When Joseph Reyes and his ex-wife, Rebecca, divorced, Rebecca got custody of their daughter. Joseph Reyes is Catholic and converted to Judaism when he married Rebecca, although he says that decision was not "voluntary," according to a report on ABC News.

After the divorce, Joseph Reyes took his daughter to be baptized without consulting his ex-wife, which prompted the mom to seek a restraining order barring the dad from "exposing his daughter to any other religion than the Jewish religion." Rebecca is described as "estranged" from her ex-husband by various news reports.

Joseph Reyes' attorney, Joel Brodsky, told CBS News in December of 2009, that he "almost fell off my chair" when he saw the restraining order, adding, "This is America. We have a First Amendment right of freedom of religion."

Brodsky is represented by the PR firm The Publicity Agency, which has been issuing regular press releases about this case. The most recent release includes the Reyes' wedding photos. Joseph Reyes invited television cameras to film him taking his daughter to church in January, as seen in this video.

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