Our Fave Winter Olympics Moments Deliver Parenting Gold

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Watching the Olympics is fun, and when you're a parent, it's impossible not to see parenting-related stories all over the slopes and the ice. Here's a round-up of ParentDish's top moments so far from the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  • If you want to show the kids that third place isn't all that bad, take a look at this photo of France's Marie Dorin on the podium, accepting her bronze medal for the women's biathlon 7.5 km. No, she didn't win gold. But she did win bronze! At the Olympics! That is definitely something to celebrate.
  • Someone else who was thrilled to come in third was J.R. Celski, the Team USA speedskater who won a bronze medal in the same race that Ohno won silver. Celski is only 19. This is his first Olympics. Oh, and in September of last year, Celski was injured so badly during a race that many thought he would never skate again. And he just won a medal. "Only" bronze? Don't tell him that.
  • Have you seen the cute Procter & Gamble ads that say the company is a "proud sponsor of moms"? This press release explains why -- the company paid for a lot of moms to go to Vancouver to watch their kids compete. Here's one of the P&G Olympic ads, "To Their Moms, They'll Always Be Kids":

What are your favorite Olympic moments so far?

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