Pint-Size Models Hit the Catwalk on 'Project Runway'

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Making clothes for 6-foot-tall glamazons is tricky enough for the contestants on reality show "Project Runway," but when their clients are just 6-years-old, things get really nuts.

Eleven adorable pint-sized models were the focus of this week's "Runway" challenge, as designers were asked to create kids looks that were fashionable and age-appropriate. As a twist, the contestants were also told they needed to make a complimentary outfit for an adult model.

"Now, more than ever, children are becoming little fashionistas," host Heidi Klum said.
We're not sure we've ever seen so much energy in the work room, as when those trendsetting kids came in for their final fittings. The designers, most of whom are not parents, were a bit frazzled by their presence, to say the least.

"The workroom is a little bit like 'Romper Room' on crack," contestant Jonathan Peters said. "There's little girls cutting random scraps of fabric. They're making accessories for each other. The designers are having heart palpitations."

Consider this exchange that took place with a clearly stressed out Anthony Williams as he rushed to finish his outfits:

Girl One: "My dog's 77."
Girl Two: "My older sister is my dog."
Girl One: "My dog's older than your sister."
Williams: "Do ya'll have an off switch?"
Girls: "What's an off switch?"

Not surprisingly, the winner of the competition was dad Seth Aaron Henderson, who has an 11-year-old daughter.

"Kids wanna be interested in their clothes," he said. "They don't want some dull boring Easter dress. They want ... hoodies, they want layers."

The judges agreed, naming Henderson the winner for his super cute black, white and pink hoodie vest, denim skirt and matching handbag. His model "mom" looked completely cool and chic in a tailored black and white jacket and skinny pants.

Guest judge, designer Tory Burch, said the outfit "seems like something a little girl would dream of wearing."

Just one little girl's opinion mattered to Henderson.

"My daughter's going to be so happy," he said.

Here's Henderson's video blog on the episode:

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