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Watching the Olympics is fun, and when you're a parent, it's impossible not to see parenting-related stories all over the slopes and the ice. Here's another roundup of ParentDish's top moments so far from the 2010 Winter Olympics.

  • Four of the ice-dancing pairs in the Olympics are brother and sister. One of the dances they must perform on the ice is the Tango, aka The Forbidden Dance. (Ahem.) British siblings/ice-dancing partners Sinead and John Kerr did a separate routine in the free dance portion, one they choreographed themselves, in which they straddled each other. John Kerr tells the Wall Street Journal, "On the ice, we don't think of each other as brother and sister." Maybe that quote is out of context, but it still seems like a poor choice of words considering the photo where they are, as we said, straddling each other on the ice. Moving on.
  • Cute story from the halfpipe: Australian Torah Bright won a gold medal, beating out American snowboarder Hannah Teter, who won gold at Turin in 2006. Bright is getting married in Salt Lake City in June, and told her parents to come to the wedding, and not to bother with the Olympics. (Australia is really far away.) Her parents, Peter and Marion Bright, showed up in Vancouver anyway, even going so far as to hide in the closet so that their daughter wouldn't see them until she was competing. She was happy. Aww. Bright spoke to AOL Fanhouse about her big win:

  • Curler Debbie McCormick, the skip of Team USA ("skip" in curling is sort of like captain), is married to Pete McCormick, who is also a curler. Debbie's father, Wally Henry, is Team USA women's curling coach. It's "All in the Curling Family" here. The U.S. women's curling team made some changes to its lineup because it was doing very poorly, but that wasn't awkward for Debbie and her dad, even though her dad is, you know, the team coach.
  • U.S. speed skater Trevor Marsicano was bullied in middle school and suffered from depression. His family couldn't afford to come and watch him compete, but their local American Legion and VFW raised the money for them to go.
  • French figure skater Florent Amodio is adopted. He was born in Brazil and has been skating since he was 4 years old, according to Wikipedia.
  • Really cool name alert -- Beat Hefti, Swiss bobsledder. Hefti withdrew from competition in the two-man bobsled because of a concussion, but with a name like that, he should really consider a career in rap.
  • U.S. skier Bode Miller won a silver medal on his daughter's second birthday. Again -- aww. He then went on to win his first gold medal. Miller, you may recall, was a favorite to win multiple medals at the 2006 Winter Games, but didn't win any. He also said he enjoyed skiing drunk. But that was then.
  • And finally, if the kids are all hyped up about the Winter Olympics and you want to keep that torch burning, you should take them skiing. If that's not an option, or even if it is, you can pick up one of the many Winter Olympics video games, including Deca Sports, which features -- we are not making this up -- Wii Curling. Don't believe us? Check out this video.

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