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Every day I receive naming questions of all kinds, and I can only answer a small fraction in print. Believe me though, it's "all kinds." Here's an inside peek at some of the more unusual questions and comments from the Name Lady's Inbox.

"My daughter named her son Emmet. I told her I liked Jake and she had a fit when I sent him a birthday card with a check addressed to Jake ... What do you think?"

"Do you think to name your child Rada is weird especially if there is a show called Chowder which features a character named Rada that only ever says rada rada rada rada?

"I named my baby girl Teuslauna (tyoos lawna). I made it up when we couldn't decide a name. A week later someone asked about the name, and my wife goes 'What was it again?' I said 'What?' She said, 'the one you made up?' Took me a week to remember it exactly how it was."

"Would it be odd if all of my kids had the same name like Taylor but just change the middle name?"

"We're having a boy and we have a first and middle name chosen, but my husband is now suggesting we add a second middle name -- Eponymous. Any advice? Is Eponymous a crazy name?"

"My mother named me Mark. I am a girl. What's with that?"

"I chose my daughter's name when I saw it graffitied on a truck when I was pregnant with her so I don't know its history. What can you share about this name?"

"What would you say to a name that is only rolling your tongue?"

Have any offbeat name stories of your own? Share them here! And if you have a question to Ask the Name Lady, drop her a line!

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