School Calls Foul, Suspends Students Over Farmer Flap

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Apparently, agricultural workers all over the country should be offended: Nine Pennsylvania high school students were suspended after taunting the opposing team at a girls basketball game by dressing in farm clothes and sporting hats emblazoned with the John Deere logo.

The students at Our Lady of Lourdes Regional High School in Coal Township, Pa. allegedly donned the getups as an insult to students and players from Tri-Valley High School in Hegins Township. Supposedly, the teens were intimating that their opponents are just a bunch of farmers, the Daily Item reports. Hegins Township has a population of 3,519, about one-third that of Coal Township, according to the Sunbury, Pa., newspaper.

School administrator Sister Margaret McCullough tells the Item the students were not suspended for displaying their school spirit, but instead for flouting her orders.

"I had previously warned all of our students that dressing in an offensive manner would not be tolerated and these students disobeyed my policy," McCullough tells the newspaper.

The students were suspended for one day.
Principal Dave Becker emphasizes that the punishment was meant to reinforce the school's values.

"If you're a Lourdes student, then you're a Lourdes student 24 hours a day," Becker tells the Item. "We are to teach morals and strong character when you come here."

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