Stroller Review: Micralite Toro

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Micralite Toro Active Stroller

The Basics: 19 pounds. Good from birth with carrycot and 6 months without to 40 pounds. 24 inches at the widest point when unfolded. Collapses to 39.5 by 14 by 17 inches.

The Lowdown: The Micralite Toro Active Stroller is a luxury, full-sized stroller with weight and maneuverability comparable to competing, smaller models. The stroller's back wheels are narrower than the front. This unique feature means you get air-filled tires without sacrificing maneuverability. The Toro also features a quick, painless fold. Plus, once folded, the stroller is compact and stands on its own.

Micralite offers a plethora of accessories that let you customize the stroller to fit your lifestyle. An all-terrain kit will set you back $130, but it will turn your day-to-day stroller into a jogger. The company also offers a sun and bug shield, fleece liners, and even a back rider board that a second, older child can stand on. This year, Micralite introduced multiposition handles, $35, which can be purchased separately. The handle extension kit allows the stroller to fit taller parents as well, a common complaint of the Toro.

There are some drawbacks to the Toro. The narrow back wheels make the Toro prone to tipping if there is anything on the back of the stroller. Secondly, the storage basket space is limited. It's a bit of a conundrum, since there isn't enough room to stash everything you need under the stroller and if you try to hang anything from the back of the stroller, you risk it tipping.

You'll Want It If: You're looking for a stroller that can handle a wide variety of terrain, but is still light and narrow enough to make it a breeze to use.

The Micralite Toro Active Stroller is available for $496 at Amazon.


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