Two-Year-Old Tot Tips Scales at 90 Pounds

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Pang Ya weighs as much as an adult woman. Credit: Quirky China News / Rex USA

A toddler in China weighs almost 100 pounds.

You have to see the photo to believe it.

Two-year-old Pang Ya, who lives in China's Shanxi province, was born weighing 8.8 pounds, according to London's Daily Telegraph, and the not-so-little girl is now more than 90 pounds. To put that in perspective, consider the fact that 3-and-a-half year-olds can be called "very obese" if they weigh 43 pounds, less than half that of the toddler.

The Telegraph says Pang Ya is already the same weight "as an average fully grown, adult Chinese woman."

The child's parents, the newspaper reports, are "seeking assistance" to help her shed the extra pounds; the story does not specifically say what methods the parents have tried.

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