Eyebrows Stiffly Raised Over 'Human Barbie' Injecting Her Teen with Botox

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Hannah Burge started getting Botox injections when she was 15. Credit: Masons News Service

Hey, all you 25-year-olds: A British teenager is trying to avoid looking as "haggard" as you do by getting Botox injections, some of which are administered by her mom, the so-called "Human Barbie."

Hannah Burge, now 16, was just 15 years old when she got her first injection of Botox in a Spanish clinic with approval from her mom, Sarah, according to London's Daily Mail. Sarah Burge is known the world over as the Human Barbie, thanks to the myriad plastic surgery procedures she has undergone in her quest to resemble the iconic doll.

Hannah has had two more treatments since her visit to Spain, both of which were administered by her mom. The schoolgirl says all the kids are doing the "B" and that she wants to thwart the wrinkles she already has. Yes, you read that right -- this 16-year-old says she has wrinkles.

"I had a couple of lines on my forehead and around my mouth, which I was unhappy about," the teen tells the Mail. "Appearance is important to me and I don't want to look haggard and ugly by the time I'm 25."

Mom Sarah tells the Mail she fully supports her daughter's quest to maintain her youthful appearance, and that she prefers to inject Hannah herself. A trained aesthetic practitioner, she calls herself an "expert" in Botox. She also uses the same formula on herself.

"I was thrilled Hannah was open and honest with me about having Botox," Sarah tells the Mail. "I'd much rather know about it than have her do it behind my back."

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