Vengeful Dad Baptizes Jewish Daughter

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When Joseph Reyes baptized his three-year old daughter Catholic, his soon to be ex-wife , Rebecca, dragged him before a judge.

You see, Reyes converted to Judaism and their daughter was being raised and schooled in the Jewish faith. The judge agreed with his wife that baptizing the child and taking her to church without her mother's consent was wrong and issued a court order prevented Reyes from "exposing his daughter to any other religion than the Jewish religion. ...", which would obviously include not taking her to Mass.

Reyes, however, violated the court order and was recently arraigned on a charge of indirect criminal contempt. He may face jail time.

Reyes did more than thumb his nose at the judge and his Jewish wife and in-laws; he also brought attention to the serious challenges faced by couples in interfaith marriages, especially when the relationship turns sour. Sadly, divorce has a way of unraveling the goodwill and compromises so painstakingly arrived at during happier times.

When Reyes decided to marry Rebecca, he agreed to convert, and in doing so, he renounced Jesus as his God and savior. Now he claims that he was coerced and was practicing Catholicism in secret -- a claim I personally find highly dubious. As a practicing Catholic myself, I feel comfortable saying that no serious Catholic would deny Jesus' divinity in order to placate a spouse, much less his in-laws, as Reyes asserts.

Catholic News Agency, a news Web site for Catholics, ran this story and a vast majority of the Catholics who commented on the story concur that not only should Reyes have not baptized his daughter, but that the priest should not have performed the baptism under these contentious conditions.

It's seems fairly obvious that Rebecca is the parent who is most deeply connected to her faith and traditions; and since the decision to raise their daughter Jewish and send her to a Jewish school was already agreed upon, I see no reason why her parent's divorce should change that -- especially since Rebecca has full custody.

If you are wondering how Rebecca found out about the father-daughter trip to Mass to begin with, well, Reyes called the media and sent his wife pictures to commemorate the occasion. I guess if it looks and smells like revenge, it probably is.

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