Baby Slings Targeted by the CPSC

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Are baby slings dangerous? Credit: CPSC

The baby sling, an accessory that engenders strong feelings from parents and safety advocates on opposite sides, is being targeted by the U.S. Consumer Product Commission with a warning that the carriers can be dangerous to infants.

"We know of too many deaths in these slings and we now know the hazard scenarios for very small babies, so the time has come to alert parents and caregivers," CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said in an address to the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. "We want to empower them to make a decision that is best for the safety of their baby, while realizing that slings play a role in the bonding of baby and mother in many cultures."

To read the rest of this story and to learn more about product safety, visit Consumer Ally Mitch Lipka on our sister site, WalletPop.

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