Breaking Barbie News: 'Mad Men' Dolls and Discounted Black Barbie

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'Mad Men' Barbie will not have cigarettes or a Martini. Credit: Mattel, Inc.

Sorry, "Mad Men" Barbies will not come with cigarettes or martinis. Credit: Mattel, Inc.

On "Mad Men," Joan Holloway is used to being called "doll" -- now she really is one.

Mattel has announced plans to make dolls based on four characters from AMC's popular 1960s-era show -- Don and Betty Draper, Roger Sterling and Roger's co-worker/sometime mistress Joan Holloway, according to The New York Times.

Although the dolls are being created for the collectors' market, Mattel has said it will not be making adult-themed accessories for the quartet -- no "cigarettes, ashtrays, martini glasses or cocktail shakers," The Times reports. Oh, and curvalicious Joan seems to have lost the full figure that makes her famous.

But since "Mad Men" Barbie isn't for kids, why not equip Barbie Betty with a mixed drink and Lucky Strikes?

"At the end of the day, people really do see Barbie as a kid's brand and a brand for girls," Mattel spokesperson Michelle Chidoni tells ParentDish in a phone interview. "A lot of parents don't know that our collector's line is targeted towards adults.

Chidoni adds that "it's really important to [Mattel] to protect the integrity of the [Barbie] brand."

Although Don Draper and his pals are not the first pop culture icons in the Barbie collector's line, they are the first TV characters in the Barbie Fashion Model Collection. Those dolls, designed by former "Project Runway" contestant Robert Best, belong to "a more high-end, more couture end of the collector line," Chidoni says.

"Mad Men" Barbie dolls will be available at, and select retail outlets in July, at a very 2010-era price of $74.95 each. Those who can't wait that long can pick up a copy of the "Mad Men" season three on DVD on March 23, which will include "exclusive collectible sketch drawings" of the dolls, according to a press release.

In other Barbie news, a Walmart store in Louisiana is accused of pricing a black Barbie doll lower than her Caucasian sister. A photograph posted on the Web site Guanabee shows the dark-skinned Ballerina Theresa doll selling for $3, while the white-skinned Ballerina Barbie has a price tag of $5.93.

That was "a mistake," Chidoni tells ParentDish, one that has since been corrected. Chidoni says Mattel does not insist on specific pricing for its products.

"Once a retailer buys from us ... we set a price and they work off of that," she says.

In this case, however, the company has been in touch with Walmart to ensure that what Chidoni refers to as "an error in the tagging" of the dolls "would be rectified."

Responding to Walmart spokesperson Melissa O'Brien, who tells ABC News that the price of Ballerina Theresa had been "marked down due to its lower sales," Chidoni says she is "not quite sure where the Walmart spokesperson ... got that information."

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