Lindsay Lohan Sues for $100M Over 'Milkaholic' Commercial

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Madonna, Cher, Oprah and Beyonce may be on a first-name-only basis with the world, but is Lindsay Lohan?

The "Mean Girls" actress thinks so, and now the tabloid fixture is suing E-Trade, saying a baby referred to as "that milkaholic, Lindsay" in its new commercial is a jab to her -- and that the financial company should pony up $100 million for damages, the New York Post reports.

The Post says Lohan, 23, filed a lawsuit this week in Nassau County Supreme Court in New York over the commercial, part of a series of ads featuring talking babies that was first shown during the Super Bowl.

Lohan's mother, Dina, tells the Post her daughter sobbed when she saw the ad during the game.

"She said, 'Mommy, help me. This is wrong. How can they do this?' " Dina Lohan tells the newspaper.

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